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With Close reference to at least two poems, examine how the poets have

With Close reference to at least deuce poems, examine how the poets haveexplored the stand of parent-child separation.In your response you should deal with* The contexts of the poems.* The contrasts and similarities in the poets methods and approaches.* The use of language.* You personal reaction to the poems including your preference.Many poems have been scripted on the basic theme of parent-childseparation. I have chosen to write virtually two poems. The first of theseis The hard worker Mother written by Frances E.W. Harper, written in themid 1800s. It explores the idea of a black slave perplex having herson stolen from her. The second poem I will study is go Away byC. Day Lewis. Both show the difficulties of Parent-Child separation.However The Slave Mother is much more violent and disturbing as correspond to Walking Away where there is no mention of violence at all.Frances E. W Harper wrote The Slave Mother at a duration when blackswere being severely discriminated against. Society and American Law atthe snip promoted slavery. She was orphaned as a child and thereforehas some circumstance on parent-child separation as, similarly toWalking Away, it is an experience she has deceased through. Harper wastotally against this and therefore use a polemical personal manner of writing,as she wanted to point out this controversial issue to the human race andto persuade people against it. Harper had a pioneering spirit and wasprepared to be the first of a kind. She was an active part in theanti-slavery movement and used various poems including The SlaveMother to get her point across. When she was speaking up for what shebelieved her poetry became part of her efforts to campaign againstslav... ...f what ahs happened.Both poems have explored the common theme of parent-child separationvery well. They also twain had an effect on me, although both indifferent ways. In The Slave Mother I was preferably shocked and almostdisturbed at what the captors had done t o this poor sustain whose onlypossession was her son. I also snarl a mountain of sorrow for the mother. InWalking Away I also felt sorry for the parent who was loosing theirson. However the whole poem did not strike me, but rather comforted meby the fact that some losings are purely natural and that it issomething that most of us can cerebrate to. Both poems - especially TheSlave Mother - help me to form a vivid picture in my mind of the twopoems. Although both poems were dandy my favourite out of thetwo would be Walking Away as I feel it is something I can or will beable to relate to.

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