Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Analysis of a Story in the Newspaper -- Media Publication

IntroductionNews media investigate, analyze, and report to stakeholder publics on issues and event s that occur around the globe in a twenty-four-hour, 365-day intelligence information program motorcycle (Richard,200798). Because of the way news media works, we know what is happening in the world and we bum have connection to other places. With new media arising, the information transmission mental process become even faster. Though new media is getting more prevalent, still, a considerable amount of people rely on one of the conventional news media newspaper.Facing the competition, the way news reported may swap as newspapers need to maintain large circulation figures to stay profitable (Bignell 199783). This flat affects how news is presented. To make news appeal to readers, information may chthonian design as mentioned by Thorne (2008), the function of newspapers in the 21st ascorbic acid is not only referential, entertainment has become equally meaning(a) in the batt le to win readers(P.262). In this paper, a piece of news was taken from WiseNews for analysis. It was an event occupied a large coverage in newspaper and caught lots of public attention The Manila Hostage Incident. I would like to see how journalist presents the story to their readers through looking at its structure and the use of language.Information FlowIn reporting the news, journalist adopts the story-telling approach. Journalists are professional story-teller of our age (Bell,1991147). When reporting an incident. Journalists angle not to scarce report the fact in each paragraph without linking the information together. Instead, they tend to make the piece of text into a story. Headline Te publicize is considered as an abstract of the abstract (Bell, 1991149)... ...authority. Appraisal elements are used to set readers including concession, modality and appreciation. Echoing Bell (2004), journalists are story teller. When presenting news to readers, they do not simply rep ort facts but tell a story by the use of certain format and lexical choices. full treatment CitedBell, A. (1991). The Language of News Media. UK Blackwell PublishersBignell, J. (1997). Media semiotics. New York Manchester University PressKessler, L. and MnDonald, D. (1989). Mastering Writing with shopping mall and Style. USA Wadsworth, Inc.Martin, J.R. and Rose, D. (2007). Working with Discourse. London Continuum.Reah, D. (2002). The Language of Newspapers. NY RoutledgeRichard, S. (2007). Media Relations. Australia Oxford University Press.Thorne,S.(2008). Mastering Advanced English Language. Great Britain Cromwell Press Ltd.

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