Thursday, March 14, 2019

Anna and the King :: essays research papers fc

On the day on of September 6, 1831, the baby Anna Leonowens was born(p). When she was born she already had lost her father. When Anna was about 3 months her mom had married again. She still married cause she was so poor that they couldnt honorarium enough to pay food and so they didnt die. Her m different was so poor she and her sister had to stay under her moms bed in straw mats in a corner. At the age of 15 Anna was forced to marry a soldier or else they would be forced out. She didnt like this soldier and she had been secretly in roll in the hay with a man named doubting doubting Thomas Owens. Her father wouldnt let him marry Thomas cause they had an arranged marriage already for her. She didnt like it so she understand the problem by running off with a 30 division old man named George Percy Badger. After she ran off she waited until her 18 birthday when Thomas and she got married. They had a good life and the life style fit her perfectly. consequently Anna had four child ren in rapid order. The first two died but the other two lived. She had a son and a missy. The daughters name was Avis. And the boys name was Louis. The daughter was born in 1854 and the son was born on 1855. And therefore at the age of 27 Thomas died and she had no property. Unlike her mother she was non going to marry a man the she didnt experience because she could have money and survive. So she changed her name and started tell people that she was the daughter of a British officer. By that time she found a job as a school teacher. I think that Anna did the right thing that she went with her love non with what her assigned marriage. I think that it was very good of her to find love not money cause most people back then would do anything to get stuff they motive and had money to get it with and she didnt want to do that.

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