Monday, May 13, 2019

Using Cell Phone While Driving Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Using Cell Phone While impetuous - Assignment ExampleThus, when drivers ar seen dialing or talking on the cell earpiece while driving, citizenry especially their passengers cannot be comfortable just sitting in their seats but are more than irritated and react. When cell phone pulmonary tuberculosis is mixed with driving, people support the idea of giving penalties to motorists who are ignoring the law of its prohibition while their wheels are in motion. This is deemed indispensable especially for younger age drivers as they are the group who most uses cell phones while driving either at night or during the day (Vivoda, et al. 1). In Virginia, when a teen is caught speeding with a cell phone on her hand, she could be fined an additional of $50. In New Jersey, She is fined $ 100 to 250 (Rusell, Michael 1). To the careful drivers and concerned citizens, additional fines are just and necessary to remind drivers to get rid of the cell phone while driving for them to concentrate on the road. Doing twain things well at the same time is impossible as claimed by Douglas Alexander, a transport depositary (Topsfield, James 3). Divided attention may distract the drivers ability to recognize or react appropriately to any number situations which could happen on the road such as the hybridizing of pedestrians from elsewhere, speeding, or the change of traffic lights and the likes. In addition, fines may tell the driver that the consequence of his negligence use of the cell phone on the road is too great to ignore. Penalties are said to reduce this take shape of offense. Although this may be true, there are still many motorists who violate the law of cell phone use. Many believe that the fine is not enough to have teeth on violators. They could easily support the amount and be freed of the offense.

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