Saturday, May 4, 2019

Media Kit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Media Kit - Essay ExampleWe are surrounded by the best restaurants and entertainment centres with particularized touch on Brazilian art and culture.Our shopping guide speaks, talk and communicate in Brazilian culture and language, Portuguese. We offer unique Multilanguage platform for other cultures to understand the Brazilian life, in specific we have English version of the guide.We have a robust distribution center of our guide that sign New Yorkers and New Jersey with aim of expanding to Brazil soon. Our guide is printed on high quality stifling free paper and distributed free in the streets and via mail. The same guide in print is available as e-zine downloadable free at our site, With over a million Brazilians living in the US, expect your brand to be communicated and reach the target audience.The Outlet Collection Jersey Gardens Shoppers Guide is not exclusively on our products other shops and restaurants will be advertising too. The magazine has de tails of various products including cars, apparel, alcohol, accessories and jewellery being exchange in various outlets. We have a robust social media platform, we shall be running a remunerative ads on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and

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