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Character Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Character Analysis Paper - Essay Examplein Single 149). Williams suffers enormous guilt for surviving the familial worries that eventually devastated Rose. Similar to Menageries tomcat, Williams to a fault pays remorse for his escape from his family (Single 149). This essay analyzes the character of the matriarch, Amanda Wingfield. Amanda is a selfish, hero mother, with romantic-pragmatic ideas and who created a dysfunctional family by treating her children equal a glass menagerie through vanity, arrogance, and control over her familys life. Amanda is a hopeless romantic. She has been hurt deeply when her preserve left through an inconsiderate postcard, and yet she sees her former husband as the avatar of romance, connecting him to her earlier life filled with gentleman callers and flirtations (Tischler and Bloom King and Bloom 85). This is why even if her husband abandoned her, a large picture of him hung in the house. His presence might remind everyone else of his abandonment, but for Amanda, she continues to bring forward her sweet, youthful, and happy days through this plan. Furthermore, she is also ready to leverage and defend her earlier life (Cobbe 50). It is a life of comfort and education she overemphasizes with her children. Whenever Amanda wants to talk about Blue Mountain, a discussion occurs between Tom and Laura TOM I make love whats coming LAURA Yes. But let her dissever it. TOM Again? LAURA She loves to tell it. (Williams scene 1). Amanda enjoys reminiscing her past. It is both her curse and treasure. It is her curse, because she can never reclaim her youth and freedom. She just keeps on replaying it as a narrative, which wears her children out. Her past is, furthermore, her treasure, because her memories remind her and the people around her that she was once a well-coveted and important lady, where she would receive 17 gentlemen callers in a day. When she is non working at Famous-Barr showing brassieres, she is active in selling subs criptions to a magazine that responds to female visions of romance (Single 149). Tom uses particular images when describing his mother one is related to Amandas romanticized past, and the other is the image found in a glamour magazine cover, which is a superficial image masking their familys dysfunction (Single 149). Williams depicts Amanda as trapped in the past, but pragmatic about the present and the future. As the author describes Amanda, She is not paranoiac, but her life is paranoia (Tischler and Bloom). Amanda is possessed with girlish manners, but she has a pragmatic view of her childrens future. She refuses to know it, but she knows Laura will never marry. She then tries to put Laura in the business world and enrolls her in a school for typing lessons. Unfortunately, Laura is too shy to finish the typing test. Amanda then rallies for the courageous, but bleak, attempt to honour a gentleman for Laura. When this fails too, it is a more tragic event for Amanda than Laura. It seems that she has somehow transfixed her dreams of a respectable life on her daughter. Laura deals with Jims rejection quite maturely, which underlines who is more mature in the family. It is not Tom or Amanda, but the one who is considered the most delicate and helpless, Laura. Amanda also pressures her son to work hard for the family. In a quarrel with Tom, she scolds him

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