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The Life and Writing Style of Mark Twain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Life and Writing Style of Mark two - Essay ExampleBy employing humor in his works, coupling was able to expose the bitter, accreditedistic attributes of of society, religion and hu domainity. In fact, Twains two masterpieces The storied Jumping batrachian of Calaveras County and Letters from the solid ground salute Twains two kinds of humor.Mark Twain was born in 1835 as Samuel Langhorn Clemens, a man who had had numerous careers before he even turned 30 from being a journeyman pressman to being a riverboat pilot. When he found a job at a newspaper company, he immediately adopted a pen name Mark Twain. It was in 1865 when he gained overnight fame from his commencement masterpiece a short story entitled The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and also a piece of work that practically displays Mark Twains typical writing style (Schultz). more or less of Twains writings had in them local color realism and mainstream realism.For The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Cal averas County, Twain employed local color realism and mainstream realism, while for Letters from the Earth, the author used laconic sarcasm and wit. In The Celebrated Jumping Frog, local color realism can be turn up by Twains use of the dialect of the deep south. The vocabulary used by the piece Simon Wheeler in short story is typical of local color realism. In the story, Wheeler uses fissure instead of fellow, and contractions like reglar and solitry (Twain, The Celebrated).... ost curious, she dont, which is supposed to be she doesnt, and ketched which stands for catched but which is supposed to be caught. (Twain, The Celebrated). Moreover, mainstream realism is also used in The Celebrated Jumping Frog as Twain mentions real life events like gambling and cheating. Both local color realism and mainstream realism attribute the pragmatic aspect of any literary work during the era of realism in literature. On the other hand, Twain employs sarcastic humor in Letters from the Earth . In fact, the whole story is heavily peppered with sarcasm. One of these instances is in saying that man believes the Creator is proud of him he even believes the Creator loves him when in fact He does non (Twain, Letters, I). In fact, the picture of man as otherwise arrogant and proud is what he means by the aforementioned example. Twain was therefore trying to awaken people through his sense of humor join with realistic elements. Satan also mentions in his letters that although human beings place wakenual intercourse furthermost and away above all other joys, they have somehow forgotten to include it in their predilection of heaven (Twain, Letters, II). This now addresses a confusing issue about sex. If human beings consider the act as sexually and physically pleasurable as it is stated in the Bible, then why would the idea of sex be excluded from ones perception of heaven? Twain addresses this issue in Letters from the Earth (Twain). As an addition to sarcasm, Twain used re ligious references in Letters from the Earth but references to the governance in The Celebrated Jumping Frog. The purpose is to instill humor. Through the characters of the archangels Michael and Gabriel and

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