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New Public Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5250 words

New worldly concern perplexity - Essay ExampleThis review will then investigate the observed impact of NPM on the health sector and the effects of adopting market- point concepts, as reported in a study conducted by the World desire (p.13)Moreover, NPM will be a viable reference because it has been documented to influence the financial policies of many governments. constitution issues directly affect macrocosm institutions like hospitals because reduced funding restrictions - a reality in many countries and one of the benefits of the NPM approach - will ultimately have an effect at the operational level. That is, hospitals may be compelled to remedy procedures and practices, oddly in terms of resource allocation, but they must also strive to improve the level of customer satisfaction. The market orientation of the NPM model will be particularly helpful in this area.Thus, with NPM theories as basis, this review will proceed to investigate process level concepts that are also o riented towards efficiency (p.15), which include action research, clinical pathways, service redesign, and operations management. The final section (p.18) looks at some(prenominal) initiatives that aimed to improve operations and practices in hospitals and especially, in operating theatres. The sources cited in this review are summarized in delay 1.DisTable 1. Summary of Reviewed LiteratureAuthor/sDateTitleSubject/TopicBaird2004The Global go of New Public Management Case Studies from AfricaExplains the use of NPM in several African countries, with special stress on the importance of capacity building, especially in developing countries where governance issues remain a study challenge.Barry-Walker2000The Impact of Systems Redesign on Staff, Patient, and Financial OutcomesDiscusses the findings of a study introducing in tolerant bed consolidation and patient population reaagregation in a U.S. hospital and how such change initiatives affect staff, patients, and financial performan ce.Borins2000New Public Management, North American StyleLists the characteristics of NPM and how it has influenced the governments of the U.S. and other developed countries in attempts to reform the public sector.Costello2003Action inquiry Provides a useful general reference for managers wanting to undertake action resarch, from planning to reporting.European Communitiesn.d.increase Institutional and Administrative CapacityEstablishes the importance of institutional and administrative capacity in socio-economic development programmes, debating the impacts of NPM especially in developed countries.Khaleghian and Das Gupta2004Public Management and the Essential Public Health FunctionsDiscusses attempts to improve the public sector and their impacts on providing health services, including adoption of NPM concepts.Mahaffey2004Optimizing Patient Flow in the EnterpriseExplains how use of engineering science can enhance hospital operations and

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