Thursday, May 23, 2019

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Societies be kindredly to decline due to corruption, in the passage we read the soldiers got ill at ease(p) and only the rich could afford to raise an army to fight on Romeos behalf Here we tooshie notice that, because of corruption which resulted on the lack of funds the organisation could no longer provide protection for Rome. Therefore the richer members of society used their own funds to pay for the countrys army. The government failed to deliver services in a good quality that was expected.The quality of life deteriorates and people tend to develop a mentality of the survival of the fittest. 2. The effective way of fighting corruption is by 3. 1 Teaching lessonity at home as well as at school and churches, especially to the young children since they are the future leaders. If moral values are emphasized from a younger age the future generation depart have better morals 3. 2 Introduction of a regular form of auditing for the government departments at least on a monthly ba sis. 3. Introducing nongovernmental charity organizations to Andre some of the unrestricted funds 3. 4 Increase the sentiency programmer regarding corruption, make the community take a stand and report any non- conformances from the government officials. 3. The reasons why successful societies are the least corrupt, is because of satisfaction In most of the needs. There Is no reason for any corruption at all the rate of employment is high when compared to unemployment. People develop in wrong of entrepreneurship which results In Job creation opportunities.Proper education Is guaranteed, people are tolerant and humanity is maintained. 4. The social indicators which demonstrate that the society is well run may take the following Good Infrastructure-the public funds are used in a proper way and the government is able to provide services much(prenominal) as rail, roads, ports and social grant for senior citizens. Proper housing Is provided by the government for the people who are unable to buy their own houses. Unemployment rate Is real low as well as the crime rate Is low, education Is improved and the public funds are not misused.Section B Tenderheartedness personal use of public property and funds Favoritism Bribery Nepotism Societal corruption BEE Fronting Failed society Figurer . (Different forms of corruption) In this article we are going to argue the ways in which corruption cripples the development of society, what are the different forms of corruption as well as causes and consequences of this corruption as illustrated on figure 1 above.We will further discuss the possible measures which can be utilized in order to eradicate this disease which has become a barrier for the societal development. 2. WHY DO WE HAVE CORRUPTION IN SOCIETY? 3. 1 Greed Power hungry politicians are the greediest unmatcheds and are likely to be defenseless when it comes to corruption. It is not the whole government that is corrupt it is the individuals within the structu res who got into positions not to deliver the services that have been promised, exclusively to satisfy their own personal needs. . 2 overlook of education People seem to overlook and never notice the misuse of public property and funds due lack of education. The officials may bring corroboration for reviews, but since communities lack educated personnel who can interpret the documents, then the name officials can mislead the public into believing whatever they say regarding the public funds. 3. 3 Lack of morals Nowadays people seem to not know now to distinguish between right and wrong, as long as they got what they want that is all that matters.We are moving towards a state whereby corruption is being accepted as a norm. 3. 4 Poverty arty is one of the aspects that contribute towards the acts of corruption in the society. Some people will go an extra mile doing all the wrong things towards the other members of society. A gentleman or a lady may come and tell everyone moieties ev en use the media for advertising posts for a certain company yet there is no such, but since the society is stricken by poverty nobody will seem to worry about the scam as long as there are Jobs to be offered.At the end of the day they pay some bribery money and that gentleman or lady is gone forever with their money Bribery and how it disturb the society Bribery is the act whereby a person offers or request a payment in return for a favor, for example. If person is caught speeding or driving under influence of alcohol or any kind of drugs, either the natural law officer ask for payment so that he She can let him/her go or the offender may offers to pay the police officer for his/her freedom.The practices like this had made the society to lose their faith on the police department as well as Justice. In some cases we find that people who are not qualified for a particular Job are being hired only because they had paid the recruiter, some company officials may even request for sex i n return for a position. The company will end up with the people who are not suitable for the Job and the exults will be very negative, since unqualified personnel will never be productive.If the company is no longer productive there will be a negative impact on the society, because a lot of people may lose their Jobs Just because of bribery. 3 4. 6 Private use of the public funds and property. Private use of the public funds and property has been a sombre issue in South Africa, and it has resulted in non delivery of the services which the funds or property were meant for. There are cases whereby people die because they could not lead the help room the police, Just because there were no vans at the police station since Mr. so and so had taken his wife to work with the police van.Incidents like these do not promote crime in the society, because the culprits know that the police are not responding to the cases which are being reported. In South Africa, corruption has been taken as a norm and it seems like it is an acceptable practice. It is evident that the society is not developing at all, in terms of infrastructure, service delivery as well as housing. We need to teach the value of morale TTY to the young ones who will be our next leaders.

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