Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Consumer behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Consumer behavior - Essay Examplevalue food trade there are gaps in areas of explore in relation to the specific commercialise size which rotter be expected and in certain psychographic aspects of the consumer character profile. These entrust be identified throughout the report. proper(postnominal) market size cannot accurately be predicted, due to an apparent trend in the United landed estate for a more socially-acceptable movement toward thrift in the polar foods sector. This seems to be moving contrasting markets together, and then creating large opportunity for a more mass market focused brand campaign. Before ascertain an appropriate market size, it would be necessary to understand which specific region of the country could best be supplied logistically. Competitors consist of many multi-national companies with very wide product lines, therefore this is also an indication of high bread potential if Yankee Ireland pursues a less domestic approach to sales by expanding beyond the UK. In London alone, with such a large emphasis on thrift mixing markets, the four million adult consumers in this region could serve as a test market for introduction into the consumer market and represent enormous profit opportunity.One notable trend in this market environment is how the different competitors continue to use interesting marketing positioning tactics, through promotion, to create different perceptions with the customers. From an observational research perspective, the quality of the products as well as the food texture does not seem to be a marketing objective in this region. Rather, creating the personal connection between how the product would be viable in the family environment and the consumers visual taste sensations in advertisements remains the large focus of marketing in this frozen foods community.Because this will be more of a mass market-focused campaign for the quality dinner foods provided by Northern Ireland Fast Food Company, it will be necessary to fully determine which city and region will be the first

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