Tuesday, October 15, 2019

What Are The Problems Of Using Both Diesel Trains And Electric Trains, Essay

What Are The Problems Of Using Both Diesel Trains And Electric Trains, And Can These Problems Be Solved By Switching To Just One Or The Other - Essay Example But as, the world’s climate is changing, the technology regarding the trains is changing. Diesel fuel based trains are massively used in the world. On the electric trains have become the major sources of transportation (the Guardian, 2012). Some modals of electric trains are faster and consume a considerably low amount of energy as compared to the diesel as well as relative electric trains. In this paper, I will evaluate the problems of using both diesel trains and electric trains, and can these problems be solved by switching to just one or the other. Problems of Using diesel Trains As the diesel prices are raising, it became less feasible from economic point of view to utilize oil resources as the main source of energy. On the other hand, diesel fuel engines produce immense of green house emissions. The engine requires cooling, and thus the efficiency of a diesel fired engine is not more than 40% (the Guardian, 2012). The diesel power train engines require scheduled maintena nce. The maintenance cost remains to be high (Nearing, 2013). Problems with Electric Trains Consume a large amount of electricity energy. In case of electric failure, the train is unable to continue journey, as it requires constant supply. In case of thunder storm, the delicate electronics may no work properly. Sometimes, the hanging electric wires over the trains are considered to be less protective Comparison between Diesel and Electric Trains Electric trains are much efficient as compared to the diesel fired trains. On the other hand, the technological advancements in the electric trains made the electric power trains, the fastest trains. Electric trains convert electric energy to mechanical energy, the motors require less cooling as compared to the engines so less energy is wasted. At higher altitude diesel engines become less efficient due to the lack of oxygen but electric rains work properly in that situation. Electric trains are more environment friendly as compared to the d iesel trains. Electrical trains are equipped with backup systems in case if one motor fails, other motors support its weight. If electrical energy is from a renewable source, environmental impact of the transportation can be reduced. If electrical energy is generated from fossil fuel resources, electrical trains still generate 20-30% low green house emissions as compared to the diesel trains. Electrical trains are more economically feasible as compared to the diesel trains (Nearing, 2013). Solutions that can make diesel trains better In order to increase the efficient of the diesel trains, it is important to convert the heat energy from the exhaust to a useful form. One way of doing this, is to utilize the thermal energy recovery system. The heat recovery should be used to convert water into steam and then use steam to power the train. By doing this, the energy efficient can be increased to 80% or more. Instead of using the petroleum diesel, bio diesel can reduce the cost of the fue l and reduce the environmental impact of the diesel fired engines (Takeuchi, Goodman, & Sone, 2003). Solutions that can make electrical trains better The researches have researched much to make the electrical trains better and more secure but from general perspective, there is need to power the trains from more than one source, more than one sou

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