Saturday, October 26, 2019

It’s Time to Eliminate Online Pornographic Magazines :: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays

It’s Time to Eliminate Online Pornographic Magazines Dating back to the 1700's, magazines have taken on many forms in which we know and read today. Magazines started to develop in the early 1700's at the same time as newspapers. Few magazines of that time were popular or long-lived. They covered weekly events, politics, and art. During that time magazines were read by the educated elite, and in the 1800's magazines were published for the general public and general interest. Over the years, magazines have evolved to what they are today. Today, there are many forms and kinds of magazines such as digests, newsmagazines, and pictorial magazines. Our world today is predominately run by the Internet and the "Information Superhighway" as we have come to know it. Recent developments suggest that new media may actually be the salvation of old media such as print versions of magazines, books, and newspapers. Online newspapers, webzines, and e-books could preserve and extend the print culture as well as make way for technological advancements. Magazines have developed a strong online presence by reproducing the print version, thus creating both analog and digital form of the same issue. The Internet is a global "network of networks." It is not governed by any entity, thus leave no limits or checks on the kind of information that is maintained by and accessible to Internet users. The Internet also provides us with a wide array of information in all areas. People use the Internet for educational purposes as well as entertainment. When searching the Internet using a search engine, you can access any website imaginable that deals with your topic or has some relevance to what you are searching for. The Internet is a learning tool that has been implemented into all learning institutions as well as homes. Children everyday are accessing sites on the Internet. Many people sit and "surf" the Internet for hours on end each day. Child Pornography and children accessing pornography over the Internet is a big problem facing America today and online magazines enhance this problem. It is extremely important that students today learn how to use the Internet and explore the many educational opportunities it provides. The Internet is turning both adults and children into innocent consumers of pornography. Porn sites routinely use keywords so that safe searches result in X-rated hits. Visitors of non-sexual sites are redirected to porn addresses or have explicit "pop-ups" that are placed on their screens.

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