Friday, October 18, 2019

Global Climatic Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Global Climatic Change - Essay Example The countries were primarily divided into two main categories according to their economic prosperity: the developed and the developing countries. The level of influence created by these countries was estimated and was concluded that developed countries are mainly responsible for harmful emissions. The high ranked developed countries were asserted to take the lead in combating climate change as they are equipped with the necessary resources and the best possible practices to combat the global threat. The first priority of developed countries is to explore the best practices to have a check on the emission levels from their industry sectors which contribute to the global warming. The awareness levels have to create in the developed countries to educate the industry lot about the ill affects of the global warming. The future industrial growth has to be susta1inable in empowering the human kind in a better mode of safety practices. The UN has concluded that the system that has caused the ill effect of global warming has to be cautioned to make them reciprocate to sooth the ill effects. The members of the UN have arrived at a point that the global cause cannot be perceived literally in the same mode for every other country and region. The countries have a very unique identity regarding the climate, the living standard, the industrialization standards, the ecosystems, the yearly climatic changes, the emission levels of various harmful gases into the environment, the climatic absorption levels of the gases at different region have to taken under consideration. After looking at all the issues and concerns the UN has arrived at phrase "common but differentiated responsibilities" as per the future ultimate challenge. The cause is global warming and the effect is on the entire globe fraternity. The inner sense of the phrase is that the respective countries have to react according to their indigenous issues and the contributions levels to the global warming. The responsibilities levels will change according to the contribution levels. The level of focus has to be amended according the requirement at the region. The issues and concerns with respect to the countries are to be tuned up to the global cause of the warming. The countries which agree with the treaty have signed on a universal oath document to abide the responsibilities. The countries were given the authority to handle the native concerns in view with the UN policy frame work. More than half of the countries has signed the agreement to contribute to the global cause and was opened for more countries to join. The main significant points asserted in the accord are: Acknowledging2 the reason and educating about the major areas which would effect by climate change. The countries declare that it is a major issue that would the prosperity of their region. Creating a sense of concern on every system involved in contributing to warming. Different countries irrespective of their pollution contribution should be aware that the neighboring countries industrialization would certainly carry to their expanse. Concerned that human quest for robust environment has enables many allied adversities along with the comfort that would effect in a long run questioning the identity of human existence. The countries are now concerned about the kind of human products and services contributing to the global

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