Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Dallas TX weather over a 5 day period Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dallas TX weather over a 5 day period - Essay Example Weather tools like radars, barometers and thermometers help to predict weather and to report accurate conditions. Over the past five days the weather was predicted at about 75% percent accuracy. Temperature predictions were near accurate but cloud cover and actual wind gusts were off. Predictions were based off of the study of the earth’s rotation and how this affects different fronts that enter an area, sometimes this cannot always prove to be 100% accurate. Day one of the observation was held on Nov 18th. The minimum temperature for the day was 43 degrees with a high of 65 degrees. The weather was predicted to be sunny but there was a slight overcast of clouds. The dew point was 34 degrees and there were no accumulations of rain or snow. The wind was gustier then predicted and was reported at 25mph. The humidity started out around 50% then rose gradually with the temperature to around 70%. Due to the coriolis affect, there were much higher winds than usual. A midlatitutidinal cyclone was present since there was low pressure around 30%. Day two of the five day weather evaluation on Nov 19th had a high temperature of 78 degrees and a low temperature of 63 degrees. This is a large increase in temperature versus the previous day. The dew point was 61 degrees. There was zero precipitation. The wind was gustier then the day before and came in around 32 mph. The warm air was brought in by southern winds and there was little sun seen throughout the day. The weather was warmer than predicted. The pressure also began to drop due to a midlatitudinal cyclone. Day three of the five day weather evaluation on Nov 20th was different than usual. The temperature was near a record high for the time of year and over ten degrees above the average. The high was 76 degrees with a low of 43. The dew point dropped from 68 to 41degrees within 24 hours. This was because a new system was moving in. The pressure began to increase from the day before and winds began to

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