Monday, October 7, 2019

Visual analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Visual analysis - Assignment Example Figures that used to be fixed, large, often presented from the front, are at this time of light, becoming elongated proportions; they are often portrayed in the interaction. The style of this period is marked increase of scenic elements, colorful range of complication with the use of color blend. As the era of European history it is marked by numerous milestones - including the strengthening of economic and social liberties of the cities, spiritual revival that led eventually to the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, the Peasants War in Germany, the formation of absolute monarchy (the largest scale it had in France), the beginning of the Age of discoveries, the invention of European printing, the discovery of the heliocentric system in cosmology and etc. The art of that time had showing of the Byzantine trend where the refined ornamentality, subtle artistic language and deep religiosity, emotion, dogmatism, expression and philosophical depth are closely interweaved. LORENZO DI CREDI. MADONNA AND CHILD, XV century. The base for this picture was the iconography of "Madonna: Tenderness". In the picture Christ is drawn to Marys cheek, with his hands around her neck. She lowered her eyes, gently hugging her Son. The cordiality emanating from the divine figures, brings them closer to the viewer, giving him an opportunity to at least partially understand the Heavenly harmony. The trends of the High Renaissance are reflected in this picture: clarity, balance, perfect beauty of forms and tranquility of the spirit which spreads between the figures. All the colors are selected very painstakingly; they are bright but calm and charm the viewer. The di Credis picture is very similar to the work of Raphaels "Madonna of the Meadow". RAPHAEL. MADONNA OF THE MEADOW, 1506. In the composition of this picture we can feel the significant influence of the Michelangelos works. Pyramidal structure of the group of actors reminds the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci. But with

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