Sunday, October 20, 2019

5 Tips for Keeping Warm at Work

5 Tips for Keeping Warm at Work It’s freezing. You can’t feel your fingers, and the warmth of summer is but a distant memory. Except you’re not even outside in the elements- you’re at your desk. Your complaints go unheeded by the Facilities team. You’d change the thermostat yourself, except Joe from Accounting sits closer- and he seems to have the blood of a Viking, judging by how often he turns the temperature down. And many offices prohibit space heaters these days due to fire hazards. So what do you do? There are ways to get around the office deep freeze.Put on some fingerless gloves.Keep your delicate mitts warm and flexible while you type those temperature complaint emails or post pictures of your arctic agony on Instagram.Wrap up in a heated scarf.This is totally a thing now! What a time to be alive†¦Bundle up.Just keep adding layers until you’re comfortable. This has the added bonus of coming in handy when the heat gets stuck in tropical mode, and you can peel t hem back off.Find your inner barista.Keep drinking hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Not only will it warm you up, but staying hydrated is pretty key when temperatures are off.Take â€Å"business casual† to a new level.Okay, so wearing a Snuggie in the office is a bit drastic. But if things get to that point, double check your new interpretation of the dress code with HR.Stay warm, office dwellers! Spring will come again†¦uh, someday.

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