Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The US Government Framework Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

The US Government Framework - Assignment Example President Obama’s entry into the presidency came at a time when the economy was taking a turn for the worst and the spoils for the Iraq War was being reaped.   Thus, the American public gave its support for the time being in the hopes that everything will turn out better. Being a great orator, Obama was able to capture the attention and the hearts of the people.   However, most things are easily said than done. And if even they can be achieved it usually takes time to do it, which most people affected by the failing economy cannot appreciate.Officials in public office, especially the President experiences a decline in popularity mainly because of his decisions, which the majority of the public does not agree with.   And most of his decisions regarding the economy and an unpopular war may either increase or decrease his level of popularity.   If during his term in office, the economy becomes good he will generally have a high level of approval; and if he engages in a wa r that makes the country look like the defender of democracy then normally his ratings will surge upward (King).   It is unfortunate that President Obama’s administration had to deal with a failing economy almost at the start o his term in office and like wise quite unfortunate that the popularity polls have been conducted at a time when the surveyed group was not in favor of the President’s actions and decision. Hence a decline in popularity rating was eminent but not entirely new in the world of politics, since past presidents also went through the same dilemma during their time (King).The veto power of the Texas governor gives him or her authority to reverse budget appropriation items, resolutions and bills passed by the legislation in session.   The President likewise has the veto power to invalidate resolutions and bills forwarded by the legislative body of the national government.   Additionally, the vetoes of the President and the Texas Governor have limit s since they are normally given ten days from receipt of a bill to sign or veto it.  

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