Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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Marijuana Users My preliminary report will explain as much as possible about the characteristics of marijuana users and how these characteristics differ from nonusers of marijuana. I'm sure you are asking yourself "Why do people use marijuana in the first place?" This is a difficult question to answer in one sentence, but my report will simplify that question by explaining as much as possible about what motivates marijuana users to start and continue using the drug. From my readings so far, there has been a continuing trend that marijuana users first turn on to the drug by tremendous pressure from their friends or peers. The peer group has a powerful influence on the nonuser because of the nonuser wanting to feel accepted by the "in" crowd. The trend of wanting to be "accepted" by a group of marijuana users is the major reason why marijuana use begins. Individuals usually find themselves in situations that promote marijuana use, such as parties, or within a group of acquaintances. The biggest age group that falls within these "acquaintances" seems to be from 18- 20 years old, but marijuana use falls sharply after the age of 22. Young people within the 18- 20 year old range seem to be looking for new and different experiences. The idea of being high also appeals to many young marijuana users- a temporary way to forget about the problems associated with youth. Marijuana users tend to constitute a majority of the white, middle class community, which may be a shock to some Americans. My reading found in most cases that being black or oriental decreased the likelihood that a student would use marijuana. It seems that the sociocultural circumstances of the individual has a lot to do with marijuana use, not the race of the individual. A great proportion of college students use marijuana, 25% of students or higher according to some findings. This may not be too much of a surprise to us. What I was surprised to find in my readings is that chronic marijuana users are, as a class and individually, high academic achievers. Furthermore, they are achievement- oriented and even some chronic marijuana users even intended to go on to graduate school at a higher rate than nonusers in a particular study I read about. There were no differences from what I read, between marijuana users and nonusers, in the number of probations, suspensions, disciplinary actions, or expulsions from school.

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