Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Future of Education Essay -- Teaching Education Essays

The afterlife of knowledgeIn about thirty days, I volitioning believably be sending off a child of my own to a university. thither will be many changes in the way a frequent university will operate in three decades. These changes will be similar to the ones that occurred from the time my p arnts attended college to the time that I am at present furthering my education at college. The same basic format of living on campus, going to classes, and partying will be followed, but acquiring the instruction and getting to college will go on in a different manner. The main areas of change that I foresee will be in the routine of how students get to college, on-campus living, and the most, in use of technology.More and more students are now pursuing a post-high school education. This is going to be a act trend that will be made possible by increase efforts from high schools, federal, state, and local governments, and the universities themselves. High schools will create more college propaedeutic curricula that will reach all students so that they will put one across the opportunities to afford and be accepted to a university. With an increased number of applicants, universities will have to build more residency halls, and create more classrooms and resources to accommodate the larger amounts of students. Universities will offer a wider scope of types of scholarships and financial aid to form sure they can reach every prospective student in need. The governments will also have a larger quantity of revenues that will be used for educational purposes including various kinds of grants, scholarships, and loans to meet all students needs. There will be larger push on the whole from the public to assist students further their education instead of goin... ...rking out of problems. Technology will never replace the university wholly either. There is an additional education to precisely academics and athletics that takes place on a college campus. M any lessons and experiences that are life-and-death to life are found in the university.These changes are the same that my parents are seeing now as they watch me attend the same university from which they graduated. I imagine similar changes will be seen by my children sixty years from now, when they possibly send off their own children to a public university. In general, public universities will al slipway be in a campus setting, with middle-aged buildings and large classes, but the campus and classes will change in the same ways they have already been changing.Works CitedHanck, J. Andrew. Future of the UniversityCarroll, J. Ryan. How My Children Will Get Their Education

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