Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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American Legion Scholarship Association I deliver been a student here at Ohio University for the past three and a half years. Since the beginning of my education I have learned a lot from my sleep togethers here at Ohio University. I have grown and full-blown a great deal and my career goals and aspirations have changed enormously end-to-end my time here. I began my time here as a psychology major(ip) and quickly mulish that I did not neediness to be in school more then quad years and since you commonly must get your masters and doctorate to become a psychologist I changed my mind and decided that this field was not for me. I then switched my major to early childhood education. I love kids and I really model that I would love to be a teacher but later on shadowing teachers and being in classrooms, this was not the career for me. For the amount or time and effort teachers frame into their jobs the pay is not worth it. So at the beginning of my senior year in college I decided that I wanted to become a lawyer. It seemed crazy to me because the reason I switched my major to begin with was due to the fact that I didnt want to be in school any longer then four years and now I am going to be an undergrad for five years and then have three to four years of law school after that. However, I am very huffy about law school because although I know it is going to be a challenge, it is also going to be a great experience and when I complete it I will be so rarified of my accomplishments. Upon graduation from law school I would like to begin seduce in criminal law. I would like to be a prosecuting attorney eventually but this takes both time and experience. I know that I definitely dont want to be a confession attorney because I dont think I would be able to represent people that I knew were guilty or that had perpetrate some horrific crime. I want to be the one fix the criminals up not letting them back out onto the streets. For me being a lawyer is not about the money it is about helping put criminals behind bars and making the streets a safer place to be.

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