Monday, February 11, 2019

Loyalty in Julius Caesar :: Julius Caesar Essays

A Question of consignment in Julius Caesar         Loyalty delimitate means faithfulness to peerlesss whizzs, country, ideals, etc. What should ane do when these loyalties conflict with one another?  One would have to choose.  A choice that can dedicate or break a man, which I believe broke some(prenominal) men in the play Julius Caesar.  One did not know who was friend or foe.  Ones dearest friends actually your foes?  Not possible, is it? Yes, it is.  That is the story of Julius Caesar.  Julius Caesar, a great(p), direful man.  A man for his country.  A man loved by galore(postnominal) and respected by all.  Even respected by the men that blessed him with death.  Why would men that loved and respected one kill them?  Loyalty is the answer.  A feeling of trueness for your country that surpassed the loyalty of righteous virtues.  maybe if loyalty had not been involved, the country of Rome would not have been torn apart.  Or peradventure if loyalty to all and everything had been involved a great ruler named Caesar would have reigned for years.  If the slew of Rome would have remained loyal to Caesar perhaps a war would not have occurred, in fact, it most surely would not have.  After the death, the angry mob should have put the conspirators to death, not let them toy with their minds as they would a five year old.  The mob, desire a great many people, believe what is easiest to hear.  In the mob of people did loyalty exist? Doubtful, little if any.  What coexisted in the crowd with that little loyalty was ignorance, and much of it.         I believe that Brutus showed the greatest amount of loyalty to his country. He just went about showing it in a corrupt manner.  He sacrificed a great friend for what he thought would better Rome.  possibly Brutus was one of the most noble in the play, but he was withal the most misled.  He was noble for assassinating not for selfish inevitably, but for the needs of the country.  However, I believe he was weak. Weak for believe that Caesar was ambitious.  Brutus believed the one side of things that he heard, and that was from Cassius.  Brutus is a prime example of people believing what

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