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Culture Of Madness Midterm Essay

In the course of the week as directed for the midterm assignment, I was able-bodied to hear remarks do to imply that something irrational had been said or had occurred. Of all in all those snip there are ii that were in my opinion some provoke. They are as follows- In the first instance the remark that referred to irrationality was do was during a conference between two young ladys. One was coition the new(prenominal) of something that a paladin of theirs had said the previous day. The two were chatting a panache(predicate) excitedly as ane set forth to the opposite what had transpired. The remark she shadowert be monstrous was do by the listening peer.She remarked this when the other friend told her that their friend (X), a girlfriend not leave there, had told her that she cherished to seek the services of a deal reader. The chat then proceeded by girl H saying that that was her re do too. Girl B necessityed to know why their friend deficiencyed to visit the palm reader. An translation followed where girl H said that their friend X had read in the internet that palm readers could show what was going to happen in ones prox. X wanted to know what was going to happen to her so that she could prepare for it and avoid disappointment.The internet had described numerous instances when populate were deliver embarrassment and disaster when palm readers expostulate withed them about it. To this, both girl H and B laughed and agreed that that idea was crazy enough. They do fun on what their friend X would be told by the palm reader. They went on talk asking each other questions discussing their views on the analogous matter and whether they believed in such things. In the second scenario there was a couple, probably a married one, where the lady told the macrocosm that she had quit her job.To this the husband remarked Youve got to be kidding. The strengthen of the cleaning lady was casual at the start. In making the remark the fir earm seemed to be in disbelief as one who wanted the education by the wo patch not to be true. The conversation proceeded with the lady reaffirming her report and adding that she had handed in her resignation letter earlier. When asked why she had done that, the char without mincing her words replied that she had had a day-dream severally, around three propagation in the previous week that the building in which she worked was going to dampen killing people with it.The fact that the dream had come to her three clock, she believed, meant that she was creation warned of what would happen in future and so she had to take precaution. It would be prostitute for her to ignore the signs only to regret later. Life was more than precious than silver and that is why she had do the decision. The tone of the conversation turned serious when the man again remarked, that is crazy. He seemed very annoyed and conceit the married woman had done the wrong thing and proceeded to tell he r so.The tempers were flared as the woman was in pains to explain why she had resigned and the man was either too crazy or disappointed to hear her out. The man termed her beliefs as outrageous and lascivious which made the woman nevertheless angrier. She finally walked out saying that it was purposeless to lose such a conversation with someone who did not want to understand. In the first case when the remark was made it made girl H who was narrating the incident even more eager to continue with it. It gave her a endangerment to explain in detail why their friend had made such a statement.The response seemed to make the conversation more interesting and implied that the one listening to the story was interested in more information. A reaction that was foreclosed or resisted was one whereby the friend narrating the story could ref white plague to percent with more information about the incident in discussion. The remark in any case made sure that the conversation stayed on co urse as it submited that the auditor was quite interested in what went on , or why their friend being discussed had said that she privationed her mother were dead.The response confirmed the intention of the narrator. Who in like manner affirmed that she thought that their friend could not confine possibly been serious that she was going to visit a palm reader. The remark made the narrator know that her perceiving the story as one worth sharing was right. This reassurance made the girl even more eager to tell what transpired and to even sustain her views about the whole incident. In the second case the remark youve got to be kidding made the woman seem even more serious in her assertion.It made her reiterate her statement that she had quit her job. It also made her want to give an explanation for her desire before being misunderstood by the man. The remark, also made the situation take an even more serious tone as it actually implied that jokes would be inappropriate at that time or the issue at hand was not a intercommunicate matter. The reactions that were resisted were those of turning the matter into a laughing matter when it was serious. Also the detect to dismiss the incident as inconsequential was closed out.The remark showed that the man was very serious about the subject at hand and accordingly the woman could not easily divert the conversation or wish it away as trivial. After the remark the conversation seemed to take a very serious tone. First the remark showed that the man was not at all in harmony with what the woman had done and would take a lot to convince him that it was the right thing to do. In fact provided along the conversation some other remark depicting irrationality was made by the man. This made the woman more agitated as she wanted the man to see things from her point of view and she had not had a chance to make him do this.As the conversation continued it seemed to almost sacrifice into a disagreement with the couple t rying to keep their voices low in a public place. In the first scenario if the remark had not been made by girl B, the excitement of the story would form taken a dip. A dissimilar statement like Oh yes I stir been feeling for a palm reader myself, would probably have come as a shock to girl H who thought the idea of tour a palm reader to be awkward as well. The conversation would then have turned to a discussion or even an financial statement for and against the design of visiting palm readers.Because girl H thought visiting a palm reader was unreasonable maybe the argument would have turned out to be serious making the two friends part ways or agree to disagree. The other case would have been for girl B to answer in a way to show curiosity. For example Oh receivedly what does she want to find out? or oh yea , do those things work, can they really tell the future by expression at ones palm? Because girl B would not have shown support or disagree with what X wanted to do the girls would have continued in a discussion to explore different views concerning such practices.They would each give their different views on palm reading. If the thought of visiting a palm reader would not have been ridiculous to both girls, maybe they would have delved into discussions concerning the same with examples of what they had heard about the same. The conversation would have led to the issues about boon in telling the future, the use of magic, sorcery and the like. The girls may have even agreed to join their friend when going to visit the palm reader. In this scenario the two girls were in agreement that seeing a palm reader was crazy.Though I did not have an opportunity to listen to them for long, I think that they would have described the practice as backward and funny. They would have laid-off it as a practice used by the so called future seers to steal coin from people who were naive enough to believe that such things were true. They would have termed those people who visit palm readers as superstitious. Some people who because they did not have anything they believed in, were feel for some thing to grasp.They would also have dismissed the practice of palm reading as that for those who were afraid of the future and therefore were looking for ways to manipulate it or even find hope and courage if they found that the future had something good to look out for according to the palm reader. For the case involving the couple if the man had responded in a different way say maybe was more interested in the dreams that made the woman quite her job, the woman would have probably passionately described her convictions for what dreams tell about the future,.The conversation would have gone on and on how other people had dreams that made them avoid disasters. The man would have probably divided up some dreams as well and their significance in his life. There would not have been an argument over quitting the job during hard economic times owing t o irrational beliefs. The couple would have agreed that the action taken by the woman was the best for that situation and gone on to bring forward themselves that they were going to land another better job for the woman.Since they had taken it upon themselves to warn themselves of an impending danger then fate would have directed them to another equally good or even better job. The couple would have gone on to explore the gifting of some people who have the expertness to tell what the future hold using dreams or even visions. They would also have discussed whether it was appropriate to tell some of her friends working at the building to follow her steps so as to be saved from harm or even death.They may have even proposed ways of nurturing the gift like reading books or finding other people with the same gift as the woman then forming a support free radical so to speak. In this case since the man found the idea of quitting a job because of a dream irrational, he may have dismiss ed it as superstitious when they met later. He would have wished the dream away as a result of what she had been thinking during the day or a image she had watched. Her mind had just worked on what it had processed during the day and there was real news about the future from the dream.Believing in dream would have been dismissed with the man saying that if everything that people dreamt had been a forecast of the future then no disasters would have ever hurt anyone as they would be averted in time and save people a lot of grief. The woman on the other hand would defend her case by bounteous examples of instances when something she had dreamt came true in real life. Apart from this she would argue that the fact that the dream was recurrent it was a clear sign that she needed to take action to avoid the impending danger.Yes -not all dreams depict the future, but the one that had made her wake up feeling anxious an indication that there was more to it than she had imagined, she would defend herself She would dismiss lack of treating the dreams she had as important as a sign that one did not believe in supernatural occurrences barely there were many that had been documented in books even in the present day. References Lessa, W. , and Vogt, E. (1958). Reader in comparative religion- An anthropological approach. New York. Row, Peterson and Company.

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