Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Website Review and Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Website Review and Summary - Essay simulationThe Rockingham website is to represent a local website on substance ab phthisis.All the websites address the challenges the nation as a whole faces as a whole due. The websites have been developed to control the addiction. doses have been developed to use medications to cure the various illnesses that the human race faces. The drugs, however, targetful be abused. People can take drugs for reasons, which they atomic number 18 not meant. Taking the drugs over a long period leads to addiction. The focus is not on the gist of drugs, or the number of drugs is taken. The negative consequences that come as a result of the drug addiction argon the main idea of focus. Drugs can be taken in small amounts and not very frequently, alone lead to problems. It is considered as drug abuse.According to Edelfield & Moosa (2012) drug abuse can start as a result of an illness, wanting to find relaxation or wanting to fit in since their friends are doin g it. Drug abuse does not automatically start to cause problems after they are taken. It is a process that takes snip (Doughty, 2012). The individual has overdependence on the drugs. They cannot function with proscribed taking the drugs. The drugs then cause problems in the health or brotherly relations.Some of the disadvantages cited in the websites include the following. There have been a significant number of teenagers that have dropped out of school as a result of drug addiction. The teenagers get introduced and eventually hooked to taking the drugs. Drugs can also cause depression. There are drugs that are meant to relax the mind and prevent anxiety. However, over-reliance on the drugs can lead to depression (Roleff, 2005). Drugs are chemical substances. They introduce certain synthetic chemicals in the body with the conduct of controlling something in particular. When the chemicals get introduced into the body in large amounts they can alter the body median(prenominal) fun ctions. This may eventually lead to serious health complications

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