Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Road Home Essay Example for Free

The thoroughfare Home EssayThe lane Home catches the senses of the audience through spectacle and thrill as the inspiring love affair in the juvenile past is reminisced with profound exaltation of the Chinese tradition and the exotic settings and style of presentation. The movie conveys the importance of experiences in the village life and the dedicated teachers in such communities. Lu Yusheng, an urbanized young man, narrates the love recital of his parents as he returns to his native village in northern China where his parents started as couple for much than 40 years (Arnold, 2001). Events like funerals or sickness are the best time to remind us about the past, especially about the dead persons life, not because we want to feel sorry about misfortunes or failed accomplishments but rather to highlight the important memories that have happened so we can learn and be animate as we continue our journey on earth. It is worthy noting about how Luo Changyu, a village schoolteach er, Zhao Di, having a dewy-eyed personality with supreme and heroic passion, crossed paths.It was unusual for an illiterate Chinese girl to dream of undercover work the attention of an educated man and win his heart because Chinese tradition is basically conservative and embodies the tactual sensation that women remains feminine in nature. Stalking a man is unacceptable in the society, especially in remote villages but Zhao Di was able to pursue her romantic motive despite the circumstances brought by governmental and social pressures during their time. The movie shows the very nature of love that it bares and endures all things. It has no preference and it is able to accredit even the inconceivable once true love is mutually felt. Changyu and Di romance may sound unexceptional but it conveys that cultural changes happen and we should preserve the best values for our present and future endeavors.ReferenceArnold, G. (2001).Road Leads to Romance. The Washington Times (June 8, 20 01), 6.

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