Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Comparison of Paradise lost and Inferno Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Comparison of Paradise at sea and Inferno - Essay ExampleBoth the writings portray morning star as an angel of immortal who turned astray and denounced the superiority of perfection. The devil assumed that he was equal in status of God and yearned to be greater than him. For this insolence, he was banished to have stone as his eternal abode. Miltons description of Satan is quite interesting. According to Milton, Hell was Satans land where he ruled over the sinners. He had chosen to stay in the hell because according to him it was better to rule in hell than to fare in heaven. (Peter) In Inferno, Dante has portrayed devil as a ferocious being, whose sight instills fright in the hearts of the beholders. Satan has been given the opposite of what he has yearned, he desired for supremacy and sovereignty and even though he appears to be powerful and huge, he is small and helpless and his fate has been plastered to remain frozen in ice till eternity. Hell in Dantes view was an wit hout end torment to the sinners who were destined to enter it. The hell is a place where there is no connection with the intensity of life and bitter frost and isolation is the lone(prenominal) destiny. Even the Satan, the most foreboding prisoner of the hell had the bitterest fate. Milton presents a similar picture of the hell. According to him, even though hell was full of flames and fire, there was only darkness and hopelessness prevalent in its atmosphere. (Alighieri) Inferno and Paradise lost provide captivating and lucubrate yet different views of Satan and hell and this difference is clearly evident in their writings.

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