Thursday, April 11, 2019

Internet Banking Essay Example for Free

net Banking EssayTherefore, since U. K. consumers have used to browsing and shopping online, there atomic number 18 factors that U. K. nomadic carriers should pay attention. The factors are to find and collaborate with mobile commerce providers so that they can boost the M-Commerce traffic and thus, revenue. The potential of conducting mobile commerce in the U. K. also bases on the facts that the country has many mobile subscribers. According to International telecommunication Union (2006), U. K. has 61 million of mobile customers as of January 2006. If 20% of the customers (15 million users) are active subscribers of M-commerce with add up spending $100 per month.Therefore, the market for mobile commerce in the UK is $18 billion per year. The condition foreground that mobile commerce is attractive service that mobile service providers like Vodafone must develop by collaborating with merchants and content providers (cp) that build the mobile commerce applications. The deve loping of m-commerce is also backed up by the juvenile development on 3G (third generation) mobile technology that gives opportunity for subscribers to have faster access to browse mesh via mobile phones and conduct m-commerce transaction.British Telecom, for example, estimates that in 2002 they have about 150,000 customers of broadband services that is potential to be the active users of mobile commerce (Verdin, 2002) Recent progress and invention in mobile and radio set technologies has caused the change paradigm shift from desktop computers to mobile devices. Recently, it is usual to find consumers using their Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), irreverent phones, and notebooks that strengthen the facts that business has gone mobile so that the consumers can do all things over wireless gadgets the same with doing by desktop computer (Intel, 2004).The improvement in mobile devices capability also attracts customers to debauch spick-and-span phones and new customers segment that also target teenagers. This condition becomes issues for telecommunication companies and content providers to develop new killing applications besides voice communication that will increase the corporate revenue. The new application is information communication that comes in many forms. Concerning data communications, this paper has discussed several issues/challenges and opportunities in UK mobile telephone industry.To be specific, the point of discussion is about the development of mobile commerce (M-Commerce) that takes advantages of increasing number of mobile users and the development of computer technology.ReferencesAmerican National Bank. (2001). Internet Banking Features Benefits. Retrieved December 13, 2007 from http//www. americannationalbank. com/i_features. cfm Arthur D. Little Int. Gmbh. (2001). Key Success Factors for M-Commerce. Presentation for Berlecon question

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