Thursday, April 25, 2019

Demographic transition model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Demographic transformation good example - Essay ExampleThis paper focuses on demographic transition model and global food production and distribution for a growing human population to digest global food security goals.According to Wilson (2007, p. 33), the demographic transition model Is a generalized model that describes how birth stations and last consecrates of human populations change over time. Starr, Evers and Starr (2014) conversely posits that demographic factors fluctuate such that developed nations are exemplified by low birth rates, low numbers of infant deaths, as well as a high life expectancy. These demographic factors are inverse in developing countries. In this regard, the demographic transition model, as spelt out by Wilson (2007), was developed by demographers from surveillance and scrutiny of researched and tested variations of birth and death rates of a number of countries over a span of two hundred years.As underscored by Wilson (2007), demographic transit ion model consist of tetrad academic degrees. The initial leg is referred to as high stationary stage and is characterized by elevated birth and death rates. At this stage, Wilson (2007) asserts that the population is generally low. High death rate at this stage is as a result of ill health, food shortage or deprivation, and warfare. Wilson (2007) further notes that birth rate at this initial stage is fairly even and therefore an increase or decrease of population is delineate by varying death rate. The second stage as outlined by Wilson (2007) is referred to as early expanding stage. This stage is characterized by an increase in population as a result of receding death rate coupled by a fairly elevated birth rate. The receding death rate in the second stage is contributed by improved food security and improved public health. Late expanding stage is the third step of the model. As elucidated by Wilson (2007), this phase is characterized by an even and low death rate together with a decreased birth

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