Friday, April 19, 2019

Marketing Mix for U.S.A car market Chery Cars China Essay - 2

Marketing Mix for U.S.A railway car market Chery Cars China - Essay ExampleThe abstract also recommended that Chery cars will have to adopt for a geocentric strategy as well as adaptive selling mix while launching its brands in the US market.Chery has become seventh largest producer of automobiles in China (Chery, 2014b). The corporation owned by the Chinese g everywherenment and product portfolio includes passenger cars, minivans and SUVs (Chery, 2014a). The besotteds headquarter is in Anhui and is partnered with Qoros, since 2007.The automobile sector in the States is dominated by established fomite producers such as Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. Tough road conditions as well as high frequency of long travel among US customers have increased the demand for SUVs, MUVs and other large space vehicles. The USA car market sales were estimated at 15.6 million vehicles in 2013, a 7.6 percent growth over last year (Reuters, 2014). A pie-chart below will show the market share of t op car brands in USA.Marketing mix can be described as tactics or actions utilize by a firm for promoting its product or brand in the market (Economic Times, 2014). The car manufacturer will have to opt for effective marketing mix strategies.A standarized marketing mix involves exploitation similar branding and marketing approaches and selling similar products worldwide. However, adapted marleting mix is adjustments of marketing and selling strategies in different target markets with the objective of larger ROI and market sharee (Williams and Cutis, 2012). While the compnay has been following a majorly standarized approach in its home market as well as develoiped nations, Chery cars will be opting for both standarized and adapted marketing mix for USA market.The passenger cars are sold under the brand name Chery Marque and mercenary vehicles are sold under the brand name Karry. At present, the company is not planning on changing the core product. Thus, a global localization strat egy will be followed with the

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