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The Medici; Heroes of the Rennaissance

The Medici Heroes of the renascence In the year 2004, phosphate buffer solution broadcasted the series, Medici Godfathers of the Renaissance. This four-p artifice documentary, in attempt to stumble viewer interest, compared the Medici to the mobsters found in Francis covers The Godfather. The relation of the Medici to Italian mobsters in the PBS Medici series is in no way accurate, for they were not villains of the rebirth, but heroes. The Medici were truly connected with the perform, and used their extensive wealthiness to promote religion.The Medici became supplyful as a result of being the official apostolical bankers. They used a lot of their power and wealth to give back to the perform throughout their lives. through and throughout the Medici timeline there were a total of four Medici Popes. The family was genuinely oftentimes intertwined with the perform service. The Medici patronized the sculpture of David by Michelangelo as a gift to publicly point the beauty t heir religion. The Medici found and sponsored an architect plantd Brunelleschi to successfully complete the a dome for the Sistine chapel.The structure of the dome was an on-going problem and embarrassment for the church for many years, and the Medici had solved it. The Sistine chapel service was direct a pride for the tribe of Florence. The Sistine Chapel was also flooded with famous creates from Medici artists such(prenominal)(prenominal) as Michelangelo and Botticelli. These painting connected the church with modern cabaret because the Medici artists were used, and they were very favorite to the race of Florence. The Medici contributed to the churchs beauty, and community with order throughout the renaissance.Art and computer architecture was a crucial part of the renaissance. It was the exultation of worldism, the competition between cities, and the start of in the raw ideas. The Medicis were patrons of the most talented and radical people. The people the Medici s upported all contributed greatly to the renaissance outlook on life and human pride. Art was so important to the Medici family that Lorenzo di Medici created a Flourentine School of Art. It was at this school Michelangelo was discovered, and brought in as part of the family.Michelangelo under the name of the Medici completed many inspiring pieces of art that would uplift the feel to family. He created the lofty statue of David, which became a proud symbol of the metropolis of Florence. Another Medici sponsored artist, Botticelli was famous for a opposite kind of art. Botticellis artwork was unspiritual , and contained many mythical gods and godesses. In his painting The Birth of genus Venus this is seen the most clear. Venus is known as the goddess of love , and in this painting she is naked emerging from the sea.This sign of artwork was popular because it radically keep humanism, and portrayed the perfect humans. This typecast of art inspired people, and were uplifting. Howe ver, it was controversial because although ordination accepted it, the church did not approve. This was notwithstanding one of many Medici artists artworks that was frowned upon by the church during the renaissance. Architecture played a galactic role in the uplifting of society as well. Architecture, similar art, was another recover to out-do other cities, and win the title as most picturesque city.The Medici were patrons of the most famous architecture of the renaissanceBrunelleschi. Brunelleschi was the architect trustworthy for the completion of many Florentine buildings such as The Orphans Hospital, the Chapel of the Pazzi family, and most memorably the Sistine Chapels dome. Brunelleschis architectural success brought forrader a feeling of accomplishment, pride, and happiness for the people of Florence. These feelings were common characteristics of the renaissance era, brought forth by the Medici family.By supporting a sceptical society, proving their power through pat ronizing, and discovering their own ship canal of gaining power, the Medici changed the political ways of the renaissance. Before the renaissance, the church was the most powerful and controlling leader. However, it whole had power as long as their pursuit remained loyal. The Medici were household members with, and big supporters of ,the very intelligent, church- haveing Galileo Galilei. Galileos completely valid breakthrough that the Earth travels around the Sun defied the teachings of the anile Testament.Galileo published a book of his discoveries masked as a fiction novel. This was not the first scientific discovery to defy Bible teachings, however it was the most publicised. This caused society to begin to question the teachings of the Bible, and everything they had been taught. This theme of disbelieving lead to less(prenominal) loyal following of the church, and more(prenominal) loyal followers of non-religion establish rulers. The Medici also introduced power through p atronage. rather than fighting to prove power akin in the past, the Medici found creating the most beautiful city was just as rewarding.Their put on to the very top after terminate the dome of the Sistine Chapel proved this possibility completely. Most of the Medici valued public involvement, modesty, and connections, for that was how they gained power. gibe to Pope Puis II Cosimo di Medici was not so much a citizen, as contain of his cityhe was king in all but name and state. The more people they befriended, the more loyal followers they would have. Cosimo Medici I however, ran Tuscany based on fear. He felt a powerful military machine and security would produce better results and less threats.Both forms of government worked for the Medici, and were continued to be used throughout the renaissance, and into today. The Medici positively contributed to the Renaissance through religion, art, architecture, and politics. For this, the Medici should be honoured as heroes of the ren aissance. Through their constant contributions to the church, unique taste in art, and daring bold choices, it is not enigmatical how the Medici kept power and influence throughout the renaissance. Countries in todays society should aim for well-rounded leaders like the Medici.

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