Sunday, July 28, 2019

Comparing Susan Glaspells Play Trifles with her Short Story A Jury of Essay

Comparing Susan Glaspells Play Trifles with her Short Story A Jury of - Essay Example The sense of male authority more effectively forms the hallmark of the story, which is more than can be said about Trifles if acting in the play is left out of the question and just text is scrutinized. Angel appears to be deeply fascinated with the short story version of Trifles in her article. She claims that compared to the play, the story focuses on women’s perspective who were shunned from the legal system. These were women who had judgment skills far superior to any men around, but were not given credit for that because it was men and not women who made the law, who were judges, and who investigated murder trials. The women in the story managed to see beneath the surface and reached different legal conclusions than men did. Women reached correct conclusions because of their different experiences and values than men and this difference is very superiorly explicated in the short story version of the play. It is suggested by Ben-Zvi in her article that compared to Trifles, Glaspell goes further in her short story to highlight patriarchal power and its implications on women. Trifles does not as brilliantly and as deeply analyzes the awkwardness of Mr. Hale’s character as the â€Å"Jury† does. In the start of the short story, the authoress dedicates many words to explaining how easily Mr. Hale is intimidated by fellow men like the County Attorney. However, when it comes to women of the house, he effortlessly undermines their perceptions of judgment. It is Mr. Hale and not the women of Mr. Wright’s house who gets to detail the murder report because of his gender. He directly taunts the women refusing to acknowledge that they could possibly have any clue about murder. Such examples of patriarchal power and female marginalization are more efficiently detailed in the Jury. In her article, Mael explains that just as the short story

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