Thursday, July 25, 2019

Reflection 03081 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reflection 03081 - Essay Example The presentation that we gave was about the first industrial revolution. The most important objective was to highlight the noteworthy inventions that were made in this period and what has happened since then. Tasks were assigned to individuals equally in order to ensure successful completion of the project. There was three group members, one was given the task to do the research and collect data, the second group member was reasonable for designing the presentation and I was give the task of writing the slide contents. The following sections will include the interpretation and outcome of our group efforts. As mentioned above, we were tasked with the preparation of a PowerPoint presentation regarding the first industrial revolution. We decided to conduct group meetings every alternative day in the week in order to discuss our individual progress regarding the overall presentation. The division of work was done very effectively as each of us go the work that we do best. However, one of the major drawbacks of our group was that no one was clearly defined as the leader. Although we were making individual progress there was no leader who would give proper direction to the flow of our work. Occasionally we have conflict of issues which deviate us from the actual path of the assignment’s objective. I decided to implement the ideas the Tuckman teamwork theory. It was extremely important for me to make sure that the team go through all the four phases of team development mentioned in this theory (forming, storming norming and performing). I witnessed that initially the group members were finding it difficult to gel in with each other. So I decided to clarify the overall objective of the team in order to make sure that group members work towards a unified goal. This helped me to establish coordination among the team members once they started to feel comfortable within the group (Riebe, et al.,

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