Tuesday, July 23, 2019

MGT assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

MGT assignment - Essay Example The company’s mission is to encourage the application of technology in all sectors of the global economy. When the organization gets more high-skilled employees, they can build a network of awareness through quality production. The compensation philosophy at Anchor bay entertainment is supposed to be based on performance; however, several of the people that I know who work for this company does not feel this way. These individuals feel Anchor bay is more like a learning institution. When the organization gets more highly educated employees, they can build the network of thriving ICT centers much quicker. We reward our employees accordingly with respect to their level of productivity. It is important to note that, the employees who dedicate most of their time for the interest of the company are vetted accordingly. BFG technologies would be involved in a meet the market compensation strategy. Compared to some companies in other regions it may look as if they are leading in the market; however, for the region the company operates in employees’ payment in relation to the market demands. Being in the information technology sector, I would see reward based on individuals, rather than a team. When a customer comes and needs consultancy on a major electronic the employees work as an individual trying to convince the buyer of the significance of that machine. The companies’ goal is to continuously improve communication technology in the country and promote the intensive use of computers in the business world. It seems that BFG technologies information systems does not align with the mission statement because the competitive pay and many of the benefits offered create an environment where meaningful relationships can be developed within the employer and employees. Brunswick Corporation being in the information technology sector I see it positioning itself at the top because the company does not offer

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