Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Learning from successful people or failure Essay

Learning from successful people or failure - Essay Example In addition, a person who yearns to learn should either learn from the experiences successful people or learn through failures. From the on-start, I would argue that both methods of learning are important depending on the prevailing situation. Learning from personal failures is paramount in some situations. For example, in school, we are taught various concepts and theories that are important for us to understand and probably apply them in our future career or somewhere in life. In such a scenario making mistakes resulting to examination failures can have a bigger lesson compared to learning from those who have been successful. This mode of learning helps us to experience the reality of what our capacity was at the time of the failure and forge a way forward that will facilitate improvement. In addition, when a student gets a concept wrong, they are curious to know what was expected of them. In contrary, other people’s experience may not teach that. People have very different personalities; the path taken by a successful person to achieve what they have achieved may be quite different from the one that another person will use. This means that to some extent success is personality customized. Though an individual ma y take a path taken by a successful person, chances of failure cannot lack. Learning from the success of others is a very important aspect. Actually, every individual should yearn to learn from others more than learning from their personal failures. This is because personal failures are likely to expose an individual to some bitterness as well as trauma that may be hard to recover. However, some circumstances will require individuals to make mistakes so that they can learn. Firstly, personal failures can expose us to danger. It is better to follow what someone else did and became successful instead of trying a new route unless the route is shorter and convenient. However, this is mainly dominant in research. In most of the areas in life,

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