Monday, June 10, 2019

What is Confucianism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

What is Confucianism - Essay ExampleConfucius, in his teachings, sought to improve the traditions and social life of hu pieces. He emphasized on the ethics of conduct, which in his observe is the ways of a superior man. He argues that such a man is honest, respectful and loyal to both his leaders and culture. The greatest of all, a superior man is considered humane towards his interaction with others. Hidayat at al. (2014) further explains that a society is organized in different relations the government and its subjects, the family and the friendship aspect among others.The guiding normal of Confucianism is humaneness, commonly referred to as run, which suggests an outstanding behavior in reference to the China ritual norms and virtues (Low and Patrick 2011, p.11-127). It is an element of optimistic nature of humans, which accords that human conditions are not permanent but are bound to changes. Confucianism also records that humans are capable of learning, improving and perfectin g their lives which is typically Confucian. It then recognizes heaven and its influence towards human events. by from its ethical principle, Confucianism has no definite ritual or practice to follow like other religions prevalent in China. It is mainly about interactions for the families, where members of the family show love, headache and the respect to each other (Low and Patrick 2011 p.111-113). Confucianism ideals are considered inspirational in that they aim at perfection. It is of the opinion that if individuals could realize their potential in creating best relations with others, they would constitute perfection in their personality (Hidayat at al.

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