Sunday, June 16, 2019

Financial impact on universal healthcare in the U.S Essay

Financial impact on universal healthcare in the U.S - Essay ExampleAn interdisciplinary perspective is advocated in the modern healthcare provision, which encompasses more than responsibilities. With the recent developments in the interactions that healthcare providers have with drug suppliers, financial and accounting regulations have been given emphasis than ever before. In what has evolved to be commonly know as Physicians-Industry Relations, it is clear that there are a number of risks that the healthcare practitioners might be exposed to regarding dealing with the pharmacy industry. In terms of the two industries interactions, it has been observed that several financial flaws have been happening in several healthcare settings. As a result, serious accounting and audit flaws that consequently issue from the malpractice compromise the integrity of the healthcare professionals.Generally, the procurement of drugs for use in the healthcare facilities is conducted depending on the availability of the drugs as offered by pharmaceutical companies. Competition among drugs supplying companies has lead to an environment where drugs salespeople and medical representatives for other pharmaceutical products are deployed to woo clients from the healthcare environment. In a competitive market, unfair backing deals al counsels find their way into the market in an attempt to keep off competitors. Among the major unprofessional practices that such deals apply is the bargaining element that forces salesmen to supply products at the expense of business fairness regulations. Supply of substandard healthcare products is often embarked on in order to win sales, which compromises the level of healthcare service delivered by healthcare professionals. It because implies that colluding is almost impossible to be avoided by healthcare facility management in order to benefit in certain ways. Due to certain conflicts of interests betwixt the suppliers and the healthcare professio nals, loopholes in internal control standards

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