Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Amores Perros Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Amores Perros - Movie Review ExampleRight from the starting sequence till the eventual climax the movie held my attention. Not hardly was the story suspense filled and gripping, but it was to a fault fast paced. But in spite of these exciting aspects, the movies probing of ethical distrust regarding humans and animals is its standout feature. As much as the directorial excellence the performance rendered by the lead characters is also that will stay in my memory for a bulky time to come. In each of the three sub-plots, the characters give a superb performance one that is realistic while also aesthetically pleasing.The movie has so many merits, but it is not devoid of flaws. I earlier mentioned how innovative the narrative technique was, but during the movies climactic phase, when the connection amongst the three sub-plots was revealed, there is room for improvement. To give a specific example, I got the impression that the movie drifted away from the story of Octavia before its proper completion. I also felt that there is an excess of violent imagery in the film. But, considering the fact that it was a debut film for the director, it is indeed a stand out work. I will carry with me many memorable moments from the movie, starting from the breathtaking opening car chase to the somewhat less aesthetic dog fights to the internal turbulence of the model toward the

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