Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Main Codes Of Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Main Codes Of Ethics - Essay ExampleThere is a difference however in the two groups codes when it comes to whether the principles are obligatory or aspirational. The ASPAs code is untold shorter than the ACAs. If you were to ask the author of the ASPAs code if the principles were obligatory, he or she would in all likelihood say yes. However, because there is so little detail, the principles are unfeignedly more aspirational. They do not cover specific situations (unlike the ACAs) and they are full of generalities. The ACAs code is much more specific and lays out what counselors should do when they are faced with various scenarios. This is a better form of guidance. ACA code A2a talks about Informed applythis is something much more specific than in the ASPAs code. This difference is noticeable as well in terms of illustrative versus exhaustive elements. The ACAs is exhaustive. It is long and complex and backside be used in disciplinary hearings in order to punish counselors who go astray. It details what is appropriate and what is not appropriate regarding relationships with patients. The ASPAs code is not exhaustive. It isnt really illustrative either. It just lays out a few general ground rules. The sad truth is that we need such codes of ethical motive. Without them, each of these organizations would have trouble with their members. Codes of ethics bind together members. In todays world ethical relativism dominates so it is important to have codes that are carefully written down and that are exhaustive and exact such as the ACAs. What is ethical relativism?

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