Friday, August 9, 2019

Outlining and Identifying the Characteristics of the Flora and Fauna Essay

Outlining and Identifying the Characteristics of the Flora and Fauna - Essay Example Gaines, and S.D. 2007). Each organism found in this habitat has a different adaptation to increase survival levels in environments with harsh extremes. A rocky shore can typically be separated into different zones each zone has a wealth of species that inhabit it. The splash zone, which is also the spray zone, usually occurs above the spring high tide line. The organisms here have adaptations to cope with high exposure to air and different temperature extremes due to different seasonal fluctuations. The intertidal zone can be split into three different sections the high intertidal area, the low intertidal region and the middle intertidal. The high intertidal zone is mainly hit with the highest of tides. The middle intertidal zone is regularly exposed and submerged by average tides. The low intertidal zone borders the shallow sub tidal zone and is primary marine in character. Shores with vertical zonation are similar globally. Zonation zones are classified by the different exposure le vels to waves and also by the organisms that occur in these areas. Many a biotic factors may influence the result of a comparative survey of rocky shore biota. The geological factors such as the surface texture of surrounding rocks may influence the organisms found as they may need to be adapted to attach to the surface (Kitching, J.A. Little, C. 1996).

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