Tuesday, August 13, 2019

EMPLOYABILITY AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

EMPLOYABILITY AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - Article Example The following discussion reveals all the important issues highlighted on after intense evaluation of the factors that coincide with learning and employability. The process of elevating employability and personal development The phenomenon is crucial in guaranteeing the society of educated professionals, and career oriented individuals. The subject seeks to emulate the ideal personal skills sort in the elite after completion of academic courses. Employability also seeks to ensure to learners that the working environment has numerous obstacles, which can only be derailed by the expression of the ideal knowledge prior to seeking jobs in the specific industries reflecting personal careers (Gallagher, 2013, p. 259). During personal development, the workshop highlighted that students in different learning institutions needed to involve themselves in self-awareness evaluation processes. Such processes would enable them to accrue an understanding of their individual capabilities, and ideolog ies of the perceptions that may be shown by their potential employers on the event of seeking employment opportunities. ... Further, the study describes that students should rely enviably on the present resources in order to be capable of realizing the future outcomes. Personal esteem and identity match conclusively in this case since students are able to adapt the variables prior to emulation of their personal abilities (Gonon, 2008, p.89). Such practices are salient in enabling the students to realize their potentials in emulating a match in accordance to the needs and wants of the employment fraternity. The seminar highlighted on students’ modelling and rehearsal programs as subjects to the underpinning theoretical frameworks. Mainly, the seminar highlighted on John Locke’s 1968 arguments that employability procedures coincided abundantly individuals’ own goal setting, and future forecasts on their lifelong wishes. Arguments are that the process of employability and accountability further facilitate the improvement of the ideal personal abilities and talents. It is sound for studen ts to understand that their potential is ideal to the acquisition of reassurances that they will be able to earn employment opportunities after completion of their studies. Evidence from the London employability and personal development seminar highlighted that students would be working towards achievement of their future dreams only if they would be building upon their future dreams. Further, these efforts would saliently lead to the acquisition of their dream lives thus they would live quality lives. The theoretical frameworks were important in assuring learners of success since the knowledge accrued during the process would be exhorted in the future learning process. The aspect

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