Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Discuss how Napoleon and his General Staff took centuries of Essay

Discuss how Napoleon and his General Staff took centuries of monolithic parade units and redefined the protective units both as bodyguard and elite maneuver units - Essay Example n and brilliant mind that resulted in the imposition of rigid admission criteria for Imperial guardsmen, and he also trained them to handle rotating functions. Napoleon is a marvelously bright hands-on leader, devoted to his general staff, who exercised his power with nobility and personally attended to the needs of his staff. â€Å"Napoleon’s personal supervision of even the most mundane matters - such as the quality of ration bread - served to deepen the reciprocal affection between Emperor and Guard† (Haythornthwaite and Hook 7). During the Napoleonic wars, protective units, such as bodyguard and elite maneuver, have duties to save the French empire of Napoleon; however, these units are redefined through the expansion of roles. The authentic definition is to guarantee Napoleon’s safety, but this is predefined from a personal guard to a major combat force that is always prepared for the invasion. Napoleon believed that war is not a preset engagement, but it is an affair where a quick decision to fight is the way to victory (Griess 33). Thus, his protective units are given the role to be employed and politically involved in establishing personal links with foreign allies. The units are not just reserved to fight, but these are the instruments used to tame the enemies by giving them positions in protective

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