Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Short Answers – 5 points each. Pick 10 questions 1. Describe two IT initiatives that can help move an organization toward greater process orientation. For each, describe why this would work. Data Collection: IT can help organization plan and control their process by collecting important data. This is an effective way to monitor work and helps reduces errors caused by lack of important information. Process Planning: IT can provide necessary tools for organization to use for effecting planning to meet its business objectives. This will work because it can help then monitor their processes and it can also be used for business analysis. 2. In your own words, describe the difference between a business continuity plan and a disaster recovery plan. Include two things that should be covered in each. Business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan helps organizations prepare for the worse. Business continuity plan is when an organization makes plans to carry on its normal routine after a disaster occurs while disaster recovery plan is when an organization fixes its routines after a serious disaster. 3. Provide two key considerations for determining which business processes as not good candidates for outsourcing. Quality Control: Company must take into consideration the monitoring of the quality of major processes in their business Intellectual Property: Company must not risk their IP being exposed while outsourcing. 4. Explain why installing an enterprise system often requires the redesign of existing business processes and the impact this has on the organization. Installing Enterprise system requires the redesign of existing business processes so it can achieve ideal performance of the integrated modules. This ... ... of the IT of the business. An alternative approach to radical process re-design is the incremental change. The goal of this is to improve business processes through small step by step changes rather than a radical one. This method allows manager to choose a process to improve, chose to measure the improvement and find ways to improve the process based of measurements of improvements collected. Organization should elect to go this route because it give them some sort of control over the improvements that are being made and it may because less damage if something goes wrong. In an incremental change approach, a business manager’s role is to ensure the changes are not detrimental to the overall outcome of the revenue of the company while the IT manager’s role is to monitor the incremental changes over time and providing effective support to implement the changes.

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